Paul Clark started learning martial arts at a young age of 4 and never looked back. He had the great pleasure getting to study boxing in his hometown with USA Boxing Coach Bill Bustance. He Trained and stayed with Fairtex greats Apidej Fairtex Son and Kru Mitt Fairtex in Thailand at 4 different camps and Sitpolek Gym in Pattaya. He also got to live and study with Sanda Great Shawn Liu. He currently trains students in traditional Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Western Boxing. He has a combined 35 years training and coaching students and fighters. He is married with two kids and a dog. He enjoys riding and building motorcycles in his spare time.

Coach Paul Clark

Coach Bill Bustance
Trigger Boxing
Church Street Boxing
Coach Jason Strout

Muay Thai-
Ultimate Gym- NYC
Church Street Boxing -NYC
Fairtex Gym Bangkok Thailand
Fairtex Gym Pattaya Thailand
Sitpohlek Gym Pattaya Thailand
Kru Nueng Fairtex
Kru Mitt Fairtex
Coach Jason Strout
Kru Nestor Marte

Martial Arts-
Purple Belt Tae Kwan Do
Coach Dennis Ogle
Brown Belt American Karate
Coach Robert Ray
Black Belt San Da
Master Thomas Akers
Green Sash
Shaolin Kung Fu/ Tai Chi/Sanda
Shifu Shawn Liu
Wing Chun
Chum Kiu level
Robert Viochuk