• Beginners Muay Thai

    Burn fat and tone the body
    Beginners Muay ThaiMuay Thai Beginner classes are specifically designed to teach all the offensive, defensive techniques and footwork of Muay Thai. You have two professional fighters that train and teach every class together to ensure every student learns. Class size is regulated and never over filled. They will help you to burn fat, tone the body and get in fighting shape.
      You will learn how to use the:
    • Speed bag
    • Heavy bag
    • Knee bag
    • Double end bag
    • Thai bag
    • Uppercut bag
    • Wall bag
    • Slip bag
    • Mitt training
    • Thai Pad training
    • Foot work drills
    • Kickboxing ab and plyo routines

    You will learn to utilize punches, kicks, knees, elbows and wrestling techniques and how to defend against punches, elbows kicks and knees.

    You may also attend the “All Levels “class times on the schedule at no additional cost. You can schedule 3 trial classes for $30.00 or a one month trial for $99.00 through the pricing page or call the Gym for more information.
  • Teens Muay Thai

    Self-defense and instilling confidence
    Teens Muay Thai
    Looking for an affordable after school program? Are your concerned about your teens ability to defend themselves and or stay in shape? Does the Tablet or computer rule their life?

    Teen Muay Thai Kickboxing is a program specifically designed to teach self-defense, instill confidence and keep your teen healthy. In learning Muay Thai Kickboxing teens will feel safe, good about themselves and others. They become proactive about protecting their personal boundaries on and off the mat. Sparring and Competition is included at the trainer’s discretion and parental consent. Safety gear is available at the school pro shop if you and your teen are interested in sparring practice. These classes are unique in that teens not only learn to compete in a professional sport but get in great shape doing squats, kettle bells, free weights, battling ropes,sit ups, push-ups and other calisthenics. Weight lifting and Kettlebells are introduced as the students progresses. Classes are seven days a week.

    This class is for ages 11-15
  • Kids Muay Thai

    Beginner martial arts and exercise drills
    Kids Muay Thai

    Kids Muay Thai is a beginner martial arts class that focuses on Muay Thai Kickboxing basics and exercise drills. Your child will have fun and stay healthy as they do exciting kickboxing and boxing drills designed specifically for children. This class is for children ages 5-11.

    Children must be dropped off on time and picked up on time for their classes. We have a strict no bullying policy inside and outside the gym.

    There is a wifi lounge for parents during class times or parents may watch the class.

  • Intermediate Muay Thai

    Mitt training ,Thai Pads, Clinch drills and Partner drills
    Intermediate Muay Thai
    Intermediate Muay Thai Kick boxing class utilizes traditional training methods from Thailand to further enhance the students martial arts abilities. Classes are an hour long and feature Boxing Mitt training ,Thai Pads, Clinch drills and Partner drills and Bag work to hone your skill sets. Weight training and Cardio Training is introduced to further strengthen the student to help meet the demands of this rigorous sport. This is a class for the student who wishes to go further into training but is not yet ready for competition. Shin guards and school shorts are necessary for this class in order to participate. Training with free weights, kettle bells and suspension training equipment coupled with running is part of every intermediate students membership. We have a full weight room to train before or after class or during your off days. Following a fighters diet is also strongly encouraged. Group running is part of this course. All students must either graduate from the beginner course and or have 6 months experience training in traditional Muay Thai/ Boxing or Kickboxing and can demonstrate basic intermediate techniques effectively. You may also attend all Open gym times and All Levels classes at no charge.
  • Advanced Muay Thai

    Thai Pad drills, bag work, partner drills and sparring
    Advanced Muay Thai
    Jersey City’s Advanced Muay Thai focuses on bringing the students education to mastery. This is a 12 month course where the student will become the Coach and become certified to teach. Clinch drills, Thai Pad drills, Bag Work Techniques, Partner Drills and Sparring comprise the course work. Sparring is incorporated as the student progresses and is at the trainer’s discretion. This class is where you will get a lot of personal coaching to perfect your technique. Safety equipment such as 16 oz. boxing gloves, shin pads, head gear, mouth piece and personal protective gear are needed to attend. Competition is at the trainers discretion. You must have a personal interview and or have graduated from the Intermediate Muay Thai Kickboxing Program to attend and be prepared to commit to training three times a week. All students must commit to roadwork and a Strength training regime as part of the course.
  • All Levels

    Open Gym workout for all adult students
    All Levels
    All Levels class is open to all adult students regardless of experience level. These classes are designed to hone your techniques, build strength and to challenge your cardiovascular system doing Mitt work, Thai pads, Bag work and Plyometric training.

    The class utilizes circuits done in intervals using various drills and exercises to challenge the whole body. There is a professional Kickboxing trainer that teaches and assists for every class. Sparring, clinch and drills are also available for more advanced students at this time.
  • Open Gym

    Open gym is for all adult and teen students who wish to work on the skill sets on their own time. Sparring is prohibited at this as fighters training is taking place. Pad work, mitt work, drills, clinch, bags, and weight training is available.
  • Sparring and Clinch