Looking for an affordable after school program? Are your concerned about your teens ability to defend themselves and or stay in shape? Does the Tablet or computer rule their life?

Teen Muay Thai Kickboxing is a program specifically designed to teach self-defense, instill confidence and keep your teen healthy. In learning Muay Thai Kickboxing teens will feel safe, good about themselves and others. They become proactive about protecting their personal boundaries on and off the mat. Sparring and Competition is included at the trainer’s discretion and parental consent. Safety gear is available at the school pro shop if you and your teen are interested in sparring practice. These classes are unique in that teens not only learn to compete in a professional sport but get in great shape doing squats, kettle bells, free weights, battling ropes,sit ups, push-ups and other calisthenics. Weight lifting and Kettlebells are introduced as the students progresses. Classes are seven days a week.

This class is for ages 11-15