Intermediate Muay Thai Kick boxing class utilizes traditional training methods from Thailand to further enhance the students martial arts abilities. All class start or finish with a 30 minute jog. Classes are an hour long after your run and feature boxing Mitt training ,Thai Pads, Clinch drills and Partner drills to hone your skill sets. Weight training and Cardio Training is introduced to further strengthen the student to help meet the demands of this rigorous sport. This is a class for the student who wishes to go further into training but is not yet ready for competition. Shin guards and school shorts are necessary for this class in order to participate. Training with free weights, kettle bells and suspension training equipment coupled with running is part of every intermediate students membership. Following a fighters diet is also strongly encouraged. Group running is part of this course. Please see the Schedule page for group run times before and after class.

All students must either graduate from the beginner course and or have 6 months experience training in traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing and can demonstrate basic intermediate techniques effectively.