Jersey City’s Advanced Muay Thai focuses on bringing the students education to mastery. This is a 12 month course where the student will become the Coach and become certified to teach. Clinch drills, Thai Pad drills, Bag Work Techniques, Partner Drills and Sparring comprise the course work. Sparring is incorporated as the student progresses and is at the trainer’s discretion. This class is where you will get a lot of personal coaching to perfect your technique. Safety equipment such as 16 oz. boxing gloves, shin pads, head gear, mouth piece and personal protective gear are needed to attend. Competition is at the trainers discretion. You must have a personal interview and or have graduated from the Intermediate Muay Thai Kickboxing Program to attend and be prepared to commit to training three times a week. All students must commit to roadwork and a Strength training regime as part of the course.