• Punch numbers for beginners

    Reverse if Left handed 1-left jab 2- right cross 3-left hook 4- right hook 5- left hook to body 6- right hook to body 7- left uppercut 8- right uppercut

  • Understanding the switch kick

    The switch kick is probably the most important kick in Muay Thai. In Muay Thai you are supposed to constantly switch kick your opponent every time they step in range. This does two very important things. It stops your opponents advance towards you and breaks down their power hand. As most Americans spar and fight

  • Thai Pad Basics

    When working Thai Pads it is important to realize a couple things. 1. Let your pad holder set the pace and wait for him/her to signal for the strikes. Don’t out hit your partner. It’s harder to keep up with pads then boxing mitts when you are holding them due to the weight. 2. Thai