Jersey City Kickboxing is a unique gym in the Tri-State area in that we offer both traditional Muay Thai And Boxing. We incorporate cutting edge western physical conditioning methods alongside the age old traditions of Thailand to ensure that our students learn the purest technique and get in top peak physical condition.

All students are guaranteed personal attention and a traditional training experience.

We believe that the sport of Muay Thai and Boxing lies not in victory or defeat but in the building of human character.

We make sure that no one is bullied or looked down upon. All people regardless of age, creed, race, sex, gender or religion are welcome at our gym.

Our Goals

  1. To provide an affordable after-school program for kids and teens so that they can strengthen their bodies and their minds.
  2. Help men and women learn practical self-defense and to get into top peak physical condition.
  3. Pass on Muay Thai and Boxing to the next generation of Fighters and Coaches
  4. Compete and win on a National and International stage