• Review of Boxing Gloves

    Having a great pair of boxing gloves is paramount to protecting your hands and your sparring opponents.

    I have used and owned virtually every brand on the planet.

    What are the top training glove Brands in my opinion? I rate these gloves in this order.

    1: Winning-$350
    2: Grant -$ 350
    3: Fairtex-$ 120 plus
    4: Cleto Reyes- $ 150 plus
    5: Twins- $85.00 plus
    6: King- $85.00 plus

    Winning gloves provide the best cushion for sparring, the best knuckle protection and wrist support for bag and pad work. The have a very long shelf life. They also have a hefty price tag at $350.00.

    Grants do well but pay the extra $75.00 for orthopedic foam and they will have the cushion of the winnings but the extra wrist support grants are famous for.

    At 350 many pass but I can tell you Winning and Grant are the best training gloves there are. Please notice I didn’t say fight glove.. For fighting you want a punchers glove that can hurt someone. Regular grants can do that in a fight for sure though without the ortho foam. For training you want to keep those hands from getting hurt and your sparring partners happy so keep the ounces heavy. I prefer 16-18 oz for sparring.

    Keep in mind that replacing 100 dollar gloves every 3-4 months adds up and winning gloves last for well over a year as do grants.

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