• Understanding the switch kick

    The switch kick is probably the most important kick in Muay Thai.

    In Muay Thai you are supposed to constantly switch kick your opponent every time they step in range. This does two very important things. It stops your opponents advance towards you and breaks down their power hand.

    As most Americans spar and fight with shin pads the effectiveness of this strategy is sometimes lost. This is unfortunate because two things happen. The first is that you have effectively limited a great stopping technique. This would be similar to not jabbing in boxing because we all wore 24 oz gloves and a jab didnt hurt. Lol. The second is that Americans have thought you can effectively block body kicks with your arms. This leads to broken arms down the road when the shin pads come off.

    Do yourself a favor and always think things through like a puzzle. Ask yourself this question… Is a arm bigger or stronger then a leg? No. It’s not. So what to do? Lean back and take a half step back with your rear leg and let the kick go by and counter with your own. Don’t charge recklessly in. Feint forward movements and see if your opponent utilizes this weapon and try to time them. When your opponent advances towards you lay that shin across their power hand.. within a couple rounds that arm won’t have much power..Have fun.

  • Posted by Rocky on December 21, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    I think it would be helpful to include videos to these types of posts.


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